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HP-Eyelet Nozzle Bodies, 38625

General Information


  • Hinged body attaches to 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" pipe with one hand-tightened screw (standard screwdrivers or Allen wrenches can also be used)
  • Screw can be installed from either side of the assembly and remains attached when loosened to prevent loss
  • Materials resist scale, chemical attack and chemical build-up. (Body is ProMax®, cap is polyphthalamide, seal and O-ring are EPDM. FKM option available for seal and O-ring)
  • Inlet size for 9/16" (14.5 mm) dia. drill holes, retrofit seals are available for 21/32" (17 mm) or 27/32" (21 mm) dia. drill holes
  • Accepts ProMax® QuickJet® ball body and spray tips, Clip-Eyelet® ball-type spray tips or threaded ball and threaded nozzles
  • Optional blank spray tip available to stop the liquid flow

Alternative Models