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SpiralJet® Full Cone Spiral Nozzles - Extra Large Free Passage, HHSJX

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General Information


  • Solid cone-shaped spray pattern
  • Open passages ideal for use with fluids with particulates
  • Maximum liquid throughput for a given pipe size
  • Spray angles from 60° to 170°
  • Uniform spray distribution from .7 to 3320 gpm (2.7 to 11967 lpm)
  • Operating pressures up to 400 psi (25 bar)
  • Compact size enables easy installation or retrofit on most pipe systems
  • Certain nozzles available with UL listing for fire protection applications

Specification Summary

Inlet Connection Gender
Liquid Pressure Range
10 - 400 psi
Relative Drop Size Range
500 - 5,000 µm
Spray Pattern
Full Cone
Product Type

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