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Hydraulic Fine Spray Nozzles - Two-piece design, M

General Information


  • Finely atomized, hollow cone spray without compressed air
  • Very small drops often achieving misting performance
  • Ideal for use in dust control and humidification applications
  • Wall-mount options for installation on room walls, vessel bulkheads or pipeline
  • Orifice inserts, cores and strainers are easily removed for inspection or cleaning
  • Most models can be supplied with an internal strainer
  • Spray angles: Standard – 43° to 94°, Wide – 112° to 120°
  • Uniform spray distribution from .82 to 130 gph (3.1 to 492 lph)
  • Operating pressures from 20 to 1000 psi (1.5 to 69 bar)

Specification Summary

Inlet Connection Gender
Relative Drop Size Range
10 - 500 µm
Spray Pattern
Fine Spray
Product Type

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