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WashJet® High Impact Nozzles - Quick-Connect Spray Tips - QCMEG, QCMEG

General Information


  • QCMEG and QCIMEG fit in Parker® ST fitting or equivalent
  • Color-coded nozzle guards for easy spray angle identification
  • Locating ribs on nozzle guards for fast alignment and easy spray pattern direction
  • High impact sprays and high pressure operation ensure effective cleaning
  • Long wear life – 400 series stainless steel material
  • Uniform spray distribution from .55 to 15 gpm (2.0 to 57 lpm) by using optional internal guide vane to stabilize liquid turbulence
  • Spray angles from 0° (solid stream) to 40°
  • QCIMEG versions are ideal for critical, demanding operations. Features:
  • Patented design that optimizes fluid dynamics by minimizing turbulence
  • Higher impact per unit area than QCMEG nozzles

Specification Summary

Impact Group
High Impact
Liquid Pressure Range
40 - 4,000 psi
Relative Drop Size Range
500 - 5,000 µm
Spray Pattern
Solid Stream
Product Type