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Even Spray, Clog-Resistant, Anti-Bearding Tungsten Carbide Tip, TP-CDECRTC

General Information


  • Flat spray pattern with uniform distribution ensures even coverage
  • Tip orifice insert is recessed in a stainless steel tip body to protect against damage
  • Erosion-resistant tungsten carbide orifice insert provides longer wear life than standard stainless steel tips
  • Shorter tip holder than ECRTC tips is specifically for use in applications where the spray solution tends to dry quickly. The tip design helps the solution slide away from the orifice and prevents clogging caused by caking and build-up
  • Maximum pressure: 4000 psi (276 bar)
  • Stainless steel body with tungsten carbide orifice
  • Ideal for spraying viscous solutions such as paints, epoxies, adhesives and other solutions prone to clogging

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