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UniJet® Nozzle Systems - Medium Flow - TPU, TPU

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General Information


  • A large choice of interchangeable spray tips, body types/sizes, materials, spray angles, flow rates and accessories allows use of different components in a single header to match performance to different operations
  • Save on nozzle replacement costs – bodies can be reused, only spray tips are replaced
  • Design allows easy tip change out in place –remove tips by unscrewing the retainer cap
  • Recessed orifices to protect against damage
  • Flat fan type, tapered edge spray pattern
  • Spray angles from 0° to 110°
  • Uniform spray distribution with flow rates from .003 to 25 gpm (.013 to 94 lpm)
  • Operating pressures up to 500 psi (35 bar)

Specification Summary

Relative Drop Size Range
100 - 5,000 µm
Spray Pattern
Flat Fan

Alternative Models