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Square Spray UniJet® Nozzle, Brass, 1/4T+TG-8SQ


Product Configuration

Inlet Connection Thread Type:NPT
Inlet Connection Type:Threaded (Female NPT)
Material Composition:Brass

General Information


  • Quick-connect nozzles reduce maintenance time –bodies remain on pipe/header
  • Save on nozzle replacement costs – bodies can be reused, only spray tips are replaced; tips fit on male or female bodies
  • Solid cone-shaped spray pattern with round impact area or cone-shaped spray pattern with square-like impact area for coverage of rectangular areas or spray zones
  • Spray angles: Standard – 43° to 91°, Wide – 112° to 120°
  • Uniform spray distribution from .08 to 7.4 gpm (.3 to 28 lpm)
  • Operating pressures up to 300 psi (20 bar)


As the liquid enters the nozzle, it passes through an internal strainer and into the slotted core where the swirling begins. The swirling continues as the liquid passes through a disc. The breakup of the liquid occurs as it exits the orifice, producing a well-defined cone pattern. The drops are uniform in size and distributed equally throughout the spray pattern.

Specification Summary

Inlet Connection Gender
Inlet Connection Size
1/4 in
Inlet Connection Thread Type
Inlet Connection Type
Threaded (Female NPT)
Liquid Flow Rate Range
0.58 - 2.8 gpm
Liquid Pressure Range
5 - 150 psi
Relative Drop Size Range
100 - 1,000 µm
Spray Pattern
Square Spray
Product Type
Nozzle Assembly

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