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Maximum Free Passage FullJet® Nozzle, Brass, 3/4HMFP-6084

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Product Configuration

Inlet Connection Thread Type:NPT
Inlet Connection Type:Threaded (Female NPT)
Material Composition:Brass

General Information


  • Solid cone-shaped spray pattern
  • Patented vane design provides largest free passage of maximum free passage nozzles; ideal for use with fluids with particulates
  • More uniform spray distribution than other large free passage nozzles
  • Uniform spray distribution from 1.4 to 57 gpm (5.3 to 216 lpm)
  • Operating pressures up to 80 psi (6 bar)
  • Spray angles: 60°, 90° and 115°


The liquid comes in contact with the vane as it enters the nozzle. The unique vane design stabilizes the fluid before it enters the swirl region. The swirling liquid passes through the nozzle and breaks up as it exits the nozzle orifice. The spray pattern produced is a well-defined cone shape consisting of uniform drops equally distributed throughout the spray pattern. The large, open passages in the nozzle minimize clogging.

Specification Summary

Inlet Connection Gender
Inlet Connection Size
3/4 in
Inlet Connection Thread Type
Inlet Connection Type
Threaded (Female NPT)
Liquid Flow Rate Range
8.4 - 19.3 gpm
Liquid Pressure Range
10 - 80 psi
Relative Drop Size Range
500 - 5,000 µm
Spray Pattern
Full Cone