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TankJet® Stationary Tank Cleaning Nozzle, Tanks up to 10 ft., 6353, 6353-MFP

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General Information


These stationary cluster nozzles provide robust and reliable cleaning. They’re ideal for rinsing and low-pressure cleaning of small to medium-size tanks used in chemical processing, pulp and paper production and the transportation industry.

  • Reliable — no moving parts.
  • 13 FullJet® nozzles for spraying numerous patterns and coverages.
  • Model 6353-MFP features maximum free passage FullJet nozzles to help reduce clogging.
  • Can be easily installed in any position.
  • Versatile design — individual nozzles can be changed to plugs to provide specific cleaning coverages.
  • Easy maintenance — nozzles can be easily removed and inspected.

Specification Summary

Impact Group
Maximum Recommended Tank Diameter
Up to 10 ft
Spray Coverage

Alternative Models