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TankJet® Fluid-Driven Turbine Tank Cleaner, Tanks up to 100 ft., 360° Spray Coverage, TJ360

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General Information


This high-impact unit cleans hard-to-remove residues with great efficiency. It's ideal for blenders, breweries, food processing, petrochemical, pulp storage, processing, tanker trucks and wineries.

  • Provides consistent, high-impact, high-efficiency cleaning over the entire pressure range for short cycle times.
  • Can be used for two types of cleaning: high-concentration chemical recirculation cleaning and low-pressure, high-volume cleaning.
  • Choice of dual- or triple-nozzle fluid-driven hubs in food-grade, oil-lubricated or flow-through gearbox designs.
  • Nozzles rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes, creating a crisscrossing pattern to thoroughly clean tanks and remove the stickiest of residues.
  • All units are built-to-order, lightweight for easy portability and compact to fit in small tank openings.
  • Standard clutch version permits easy nozzle hub rotation by hand for insertion and removal from tank; optional pin version for permanent or CIP installations; optional external, self-rinsing nozzles are available for both pin and clutch versions.
  • Built-in strainer minimizes clogging and extends wear life; user-serviceable for easy maintenance.

Specification Summary

Impact Group
High Impact
Liquid Flow Rate Range
30 - 300 gpm
Maximum Recommended Tank Diameter
Up to 100 ft
Spray Coverage

Alternative Models