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FullJet® Full Cone Nozzles - Plastic - One-piece Design, 27500, 27500-R

General Information


These PTFE rotating nozzles resist harsh chemicals and provide excellent cleaning. They are ideal for chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceutical tanks and pulp and paper.

  • With rotation driven by the reactionary force of the cleaning liquid, these rotating nozzles provide excellent cleaning and rinsing and are especially well-suited to clean-in-place (CIP) systems.
  • Spray angles range from 180° to 360° and can be used to clean specific areas or the entire tank interior.
  • Made of corrosion- and chemical-resistant PTFE fluoropolymer resin, both models offer peak performance when used with debris-free liquid and deliver greater impact than static spray balls.
  • The rotating spray heads on 27500-R nozzles can be easily removed from the body for inspection and maintenance.
  • ATEX-certified versions available.

Specification Summary

Impact Group
Medium Impact
Maximum Recommended Tank Diameter
Up to 20 ft

Alternative Models