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TankJet® Fluid-Driven Turbine Tank Cleaning Nozzle, TJ16

General Information


These rotating units provide better cleaning than static spray balls. They are ideal for brewery tanks, pharmaceutical tanks, chemical mixers / blenders, totes and IBCs, food processing tanks and wine tanks.

  • Fluid-driven turbine rotates spray head at slow speeds to provide increased dwell time on tank surface compared to free spinning units.
  • Similar in design and appearance to static spray balls, these rotating units ensure full coverage and effective impingement of cleaning solution on tank walls.
  • The TankJet® 16 produces solid stream sprays and easily passes through a 3 in. Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Suitable for clean-in-place (CIP) or portable installation.
  • Spray head is easily removed for inspection and maintenance.

Specification Summary

Impact Group
Medium Impact
Liquid Flow Rate Range
36 - 76 gpm
Maximum Recommended Tank Diameter
Up to 24 ft

Alternative Models